As leaders of the church, one of our desires is to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs in the power and love of the Holy Spirit so that people may turn their hearts toward Him as His love is manifested in their lives. Here are some services we offer:


If finances are causing a strain in your relationships or you find yourself burdened by debt and unsure how to get out, we will connect you with an experienced financial consultant who can provide advice on a plan to get out of debt, create a budget, and understand the principles God shares with us as to how to view and manage our money


For those who are considering marriage or already engaged, we offer an excellent 6 week counseling program to prepare and strengthen every couple for the joy of marriage.

Biblical Counseling

DBF Biblical Counseling Ministry is currently training 6 people through a reputable organization to minister the Word of God to those struggling and hurting. We plan to have 6 fully trained biblical counselors.

If in need of immediate assistance, please contact one of our elders, Cory Welscher.