Serving the World

Serving the World

Our passion for global outreach has led us to become very intentional in what we do and what projects we become involved in. We view each project as an ongoing extension of our community of faith and therefore not only commit our resources but our time and presence annually in each project. Our mission is to mobilize our community of faith to plant churches and train national Christian pastors/leaders on every continent. Below are the projects we are currently investing in.
Global Missions

"God be gracious to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us-- Selah. That Your way may be known on the earth,Your salvation among all nations." Psalm 37:1-2


In 2008 Discovery partnered with Pastor Morris Ogenga to plant a church in Uganda. Funds were sent ahead to build a church and pastor's house. A team of 19 then followed up in the summer, evangelizing the area around the newly constructed church. Hundreds came to know Jesus Christ. In conjunction with the Covenant Bible Institute in Mbale, a graduate was then installed as the new Ugandan pastor to shepherd this newly formed community of faith. A year later there are nearly 400 people attending on a regular basis.

In 2009 Discovery traveled to Lira, Uganda. There wasn't an evangelical church in the entire city. The vision for Lira was to purchase a parcel of land up to 20 acres and to plant a new church, begin an orphanage, school and medical clinic to care for the orphans, refugees, and people of Lira. Also in the strategic plan was creating a number of small businesses to assist the people in becoming self-sustaining.

Only a few short years into the project, the orphanage, Calo Me Lare, is off the ground with 8 homes for orphans, an administration building where the children are being educated and where the newly planted church meets to worship corporately. The project continues to build momentum and God is blessing the presence of Project Hope Worldwide and Calo Me Lare. The children are growing physically, intellectually and spiritually and have a renewed sense of joy and value. We are praying that construction will begin soon on more homes and the medical clinic so that more children can be sponsored and the influence of Calo Me Lare can continue to expand in the region. Contact Pastor Derk for more details.

Learn how you can make a difference in Uganda by providing mosquito nets!

Project Hope Worldwide

We have partnered with Project Hope Worldwide in order to assist them in building an orphanage, medical clinic, and school in Lira, Uganda. For more information, please visit their website, ProjectHopeWorldwide, and learn how you can be apart of this organization.

Juarez, Mexico

Juarez Trips in 2012

Two teams traveled to Juarez in 2012 (March and November) and the impact of these trips on the community of Juarez as well as on the team members themselves was INCREDIBLE!!! A big component of this year's trips as compared to the past was the opportunity for the team to be outside of the compound and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those they came in contact with. As a result of this boldness and the Spirit of God working in people's hearts, NUMEROUS PEOPLE MADE FIRST-TIME COMMITMENTS TO JESUS CHRIST! Praise the Lord!!! One of these first-time commitments was made by a witch-doctor who has been a servant of the evil one for so long, but has now renounced that and chosen to walk in the light of her new-found Savior! Hundreds more were prayed with for healing, guidance, direction and physical needs. Discovery's teams are the first to go to Juarez with the specific goal of sharing the Gospel with the community and now other church teams headed for Juarez are wanting to follow suit. Pray for a spiritual awakening in that region!

On top of all of that, the teams were also able to distribute and install more than 170 water purification systems for families that have not had sufficiently clean drinking water! The stories are still surfacing from the teams as they process what God has allowed them to experience, so find a team member and ask them to share their experience with you!

Let this fuel you to jump in and experience the movement of the Gospel in other countries! Prayerfully consider stepping out on mission to Juarez!

Discovery in Juarez, Mexico

In 1997, Discovery partnered with a non-denominational missions organization, Missions Ministries. Since then Discovery teams have built 17 homes and helped build 2 clinics and a team center. Each trip includes taking much-needed food and supplies for the local evangelical pastors to distribute. Our pastors also encourage and equip the pastors of the small churches.